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hippie nippie

hippie nippie

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Introducing our first nursing balm for every mama’s breastfeeding journey! This organic, tallow-based formula includes everything a hippie needs to keep her skin fresh, hydrated, and ready for her little one. Apply after each feeding or anytime you need healing & nourishment.

~ingredients list~
calendula*, chamomile*, marshmallow root* & lavender* infused into 100% grass-fed tallow, olive oil* & beeswax*

*these ingredients are certified organic

all oils in this formula have been infused with whole organic herbs. no essential oils.

🐝a hippie’s tips…hippie nippie comes in a 2 oz glass jar. No need to wipe off before nursing - this formula is safe for mama and baby, and can treat any dry skin in the family!

Find this formula paired with other hydration essentials in our natural mama bundle!

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🐝Beef Tallow naturally contains vitamins A, D, E & K and is easily absorbed once applied due to its close match to our skin’s natural sebum. Vitamin-rich Tallow provides nutrients for our deep skin tissues not found in or added to chemically-created lotions. Rebuild your skin’s natural protective barrier, regenerating cells and removing environmental toxins that stress, dry and irritate skin.

🐝Olive Oil offers extreme hydration and comfort as this moisturizer glides on.

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