A list of questions frequently asked about our products. If you cannot find the answers you seek here, please reach out via email or send us a DM on Instagram, and we would be glad to help you. :)

I’ve never heard of using tallow as skincare. Is it a new thing?

Quite the opposite! Using tallow for skincare is a piece of wisdom we gather from our ancestors generations before the modern day forms of skincare we see today. Tallow is rich with naturally occurring vitamins and is the closest material to our skin’s natural oils, making it a richly nourishing and hydrating substance for the skin. 

Does tallow expire or is it shelf stable?

Tallow is shelf stable for several years! (And we guarantee you’ll use that stuff up before then) Once the fat is rendered, it doesn’t expire like other parts of the animal do. Based on the temperature of your house or climate, the consistency may be softer or more firm. 

Where do you source your ingredients from?

We source our tallow from a company called Sulu Organic and Fatworks. The cows this tallow comes from are 100% Grass-fed. Our herbs are 100% Organic and sourced from Frontier Co-op, Mountain Rose Herbs and Star West botanicals. Our raw honey is sustainably sourced from local beekeepers at Wermore Honey. The roses for the rose hydrosol are organic locally grown Huntington beach roses.

Where are your products made? 

Our products are made in Huntington Beach. We handmake our products in the kitchen with a mixer and simple ingredients, making the products made both with love and attention to detail.

Why raw honey?

When we use honey that is Raw it maintains all of its benefits, whereas when honey is processed it kills a good amount of the beneficial vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Raw honey is antibacterial, antifungal, softens and brightens skin, helps to clear acne, and possesses many more amazing healing powers. 

Do you use essential oils?

We use herbal infusions instead of essential oils because instead of just the oil of the plant, we want to extract the benefits of the entire spectrum of the herb. Additionally, essential oils have been discovered to be volatile, meaning they shouldn’t be exposed to light and heat. We prefer to keep them for medicinal purposes and feel that most are too intense for every day skincare. 

Is tallow safe for babies?

Tallow is amazing used on babies. We formulated several products just for babies, including a nursing balm, diaper rash balm, whipped tallow butter, and baby safe bath soaks. This line is made without honey and is safe for a baby to ingest from nursing. These products, including our Miracle Mud, is also a great solution to help clear eczema and any skin problem.

What if my tallow melts?

Our tallow whips are a fluffy consistency after being whipped and kept at room temperature, but sometimes products accidentally are left to melt after you carry them around in your purse or car. If one melts to liquid consistency, don’t stress at all! When it hardens again it will still contain a creamy butter consistency perfect to continue using. The consistency may be a bit different than before it melted, but the benefits and luxurious nature still stands. 

My product came damaged. What do I do?

Never fear, we are here to replace! Sometimes things happen during shipping, especially to far places. Send us an email or Instagram DM and we will send you a replacement of any damaged product that is either broken or leaking out.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes! We love working with influencers, photographers and content creators both to help spread the news about our products with other followings and to collaborate on the creation of new content! Shoot us a DM and we will send you our affiliate survey to fill out if you are interested in being one of our creators! No need to have a large following.

Where can I purchase and try Honeybee Hippie products in person?

We are sold in two refillery shops in southern California currently - Fill Up Buttercup at their Costa Mesa and Huntington Beach locations and Reformation Refill in Glendora. At these locations you can both purchase the products, test and smell the tallows, and bring in your own jars to weigh and fill in bulk! In the near future we will be offered in more establishments. 

Do you ship internationally?

       We newly offer international shipping to Canada & Australia! 

Do you sell in bulk?

    Yes, we have wholesale pricing for shops and businesses who want to resell products or order bulk qualities for use. Feel free to email or DM for this pricing sheet. 

Please Note: Skincare is not an FDA regulated industry. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.