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the natural mama bundle

the natural mama bundle

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featuring these formulas: natural mama | hippie nippie | baby bum | rest [x2!]

New mothers need look no further than honeybee hippie’s natural mama bundle! This collection of formulas includes everything a mama needs to keep herself and her infant hydrated and happy! 

~our natural mama bundle is perfect for~
🐝all mamas: new & experienced, nursing, and postpartum
🐝relaxation and nourishment for the skin & body

This moisturizer’s secret is right in its name! Natural mama is every mother’s answer to dry skin. This whipped tallow butter was specially formulated for those with sensitive skin to help nourish, hydrate, and support our skin’s natural healing functions with herbs, fats, and oils.

Nursing is a beautiful way to naturally nourish and connect with your baby, but those little gums and teeth can wreak havoc on the sensitive skin of your nipples. If breastfeeding has you in a bind, hippe nippie [honeybee hippie’s first all natural nipple balm] is the treatment for you! Apply to nipples before and/or after each nursing session to keep every bit of your body ready for the journey ahead!

Baby bum is a mixture that also speaks for itself! This balm can be used on your baby’s body and bum to relieve diaper rash and soothe other irritations. Stop those tiny tears in their tracks with this organic baby-safe moisturizer!

Not one, but two of our bath soaks are included in this bundle to offer you the relaxation you need! Our rest formula will work in tandem with your hot bathwater to prepare you for a deep and rejuvenating sleep, so you’re ready to tackle every day of motherhood!

Mama, you’re woman warrior! Treat your body as the temple it is with these all natural, organic herb-enhanced skin superheroes!

🐝a hippie’s tips…click each product on the list at the top of this product page for full-ingredient details! Each of these formulas is included on our website for separate purchase, but this bundle comes with a 10% discount! Each bundle comes in a branded cotton gift bag.

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[this list only includes the main ingredients in these products. please see each product individually for full ingredient details]

🐝Beef Tallow naturally contains vitamins A, D, E & K and is easily absorbed once applied due to its close match to our skin’s natural sebum. Vitamin-rich Tallow provides nutrients for our deep skin tissues not found in or added to chemically-created lotions. Rebuild your skin’s natural protective barrier, regenerating cells and removing environmental toxins that stress, dry and irritate skin.

🐝Olive Oil offers extreme hydration and comfort as each moisturizer glides on.

🐝Aloe vera is also a skin healing superhero, providing moisture to dry skin as it protects easily distressed areas from further harm. In this formula, it acts as an aid to help your skin absorb this restful mixture of herbs.

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