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the natural mama bundle

the natural mama bundle

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featuring these formulas: natural mama | miracle mud | rest [x2!]

Mama's need look no further than honeybee hippie’s natural mama bundle! This collection includes everything a mama needs to keep herself and her family hydrated, healed and happy- and is also the perfect gift for a new mama!

Natural Mama brings the magic of tallow in this honey-free moisture balm that is every mother’s answer to nourished and hydrated skin for the whole family. This beneficial and safe herbal infused tallow is formulated for use on infants delicate skin and made to be applied as your nursing balm before and/or after nursing to heal dry, cracked nipples and keep them soft and supple. Natural Mama is also the perfect face and body moisturizer for the whole family to help build collagen, support the skins microbiome and feed the skin valuable vitamin, minerals and essential fatty acids. Natural Mama can also be applied to help relieve eczema, cradle cap or any other skin ailment. 

Miracle Mud (formally called BABY BUM) brings the healing power of herbs and tallow and adds bentonite clay to help pull toxins from the skin and speed healing. This balm can be used on your baby's bum to relieve diaper rash and for use anywhere on the body to soothe other irritations such as cuts, scrapes, eczema and rashes.  

Two of our Rest bath soaks are also included in this bundle to offer you herbal relaxation along with added minerals of dead sea salt. Our rest formula will work in tandem with your hot bathwater to prepare you for a deep and rejuvenating sleep for you and your baby. Rest can also be prepared for use as a postpartum healing sitz bath.


 *the natural mama bundle comes in a branded gift bag

*products are infused with whole organic herbs, there are no essential oils 





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