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fresh tooth powder

fresh tooth powder

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Our all-natural minty-fresh tooth powder remineralizes, cleanses & whitens teeth without the use of harsh chemicals, foaming agents or artificial ingredients. Mineral salt, baking powder, and bentonite clay will detoxify your mouth by pulling bacteria from your gums and teeth. Eggshells are a natural source of minerals, calcium and hydroxyapatite, which has been clinically proven to rebuild tooth enamel. Fresh can be used multiple times daily as a toothpaste replacement.

~ingredients list~
fine mineral salt, baking soda, bentonite clay, powdered pastured egg shells, xylitol* & mint oil*

*these ingredients are certified organic

no artificial ingredients, foaming agents, fluoride, SLS, or parabens

Comes in a 2 oz. glass jar. To use, sprinkle a small amount onto your wet toothbrush and brush as normal. You can also wet your toothbrush, tap off excess water and dip gently into the powder. Excess water in the jar will clump the powder but will not compromise the product.

🐝 a hippie’s tips…swish with water after brushing to move clay and salt around to detoxify your gums and boost overall mouth health.

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