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Using fats and oils to clear acne?? Yes!

Most acne-clearing products actually dry out your pores, causing your skin to overcompensate by producing more oils.

This herbal-infused tallow butter soaks deep into the layers of the skin to naturally help it heal by soothing irritations while decreasing inflammation caused by excess oil and toxins. Rosemary and other organic herbs are infused into this formula to soothe, calm and balance the skin and tallow is antibacterial which can help to fight bacteria that can cause breakouts. Clear will hydrate the skin of the face, chest, deeply nourishing your skin's cells while simultaneously hydrating the pores and helping the skin to naturally balance itself. Despite its rich texture, this product is also non-comedogenic and will not clog pores.

rosemary*, lavender*, chamomile*, calendula* & marshmallow root* infused into 100% grass-fed tallow, jojoba oil* & beeswax*

*these ingredients are certified organic

infused with whole organic herbs. no essential oils.

Restore your body’s balance with this gentle yet effective whipped tallow butter made from all-natural organic ingredients straight from the earth.

🐝 a hippie’s tip…clear comes in a 2 oz. glass jar. Only a small amount is needed for each application: a little goes a long way!

Clear blend also works well with other products to balance, hydrate, and soothe the skin in our clear skin bundle and pairs well with our honey glow oil face wash. Use these alongside any of our other tallow body care products for stress-free, full-body softness.

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