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magnesium butter

magnesium butter

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Honeybee Hippie’s Magnesium Butter has been reformulated recently for a creamier, more buttery consistency and now comes in a glass pump-bottle!

Magnesium is the human body’s most sought-after mineral because it is the one first depleted when we are under stress. This element supports our internal ability to regulate sleep and manage anxiety by supporting over 600 functions in our bodies, including heart and nerve function and energy production.

This creamy butter absorbs through the skin as you spread it on, and its tallow base helps your body to restore depleted magnesium quickly and efficiently. This new, more creamy, formula has also been enhanced with cocoa butter and vanilla bean, wrapping you in a deliciously sweet and calming scent during use. For those seeking daily relaxation and peace of mind, this butter is a must-have!

~ingredients list~
vanilla bean* infused into 100% grass-fed tallow, cocoa butter*, magnesium oil (magnesium chloride salt + filtered water), olive*, jojoba* & castor oils*, & beeswax*

*these ingredients are certified organic

all oils in this formula have been infused with whole organic herbs. no essential oils.

Honeybee Hippie’s Magnesium butter comes in a 4 oz. glass pump-bottle and can be massaged into feet, legs, and/or achy joints and muscles to ease tension and aid in deep sleep, or anywhere on the body for relaxation and silky-smooth skin. This formula is safe for infants and children as well as adults.

🐝a hippie’s tips... avoid using on freshly shaven legs, cuts or any open skin. The magnesium salt can cause a stinging sensation to these areas -  but enjoy this mixture anywhere else!
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