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honey hydrate

honey hydrate

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Herbal infused Tallow & Manuka Honey, it's time to Hydrate!

This luxurious mixture is our best-selling whipped tallow butter! Get the power of organic herbs infused into all-natural 100% grass fed tallow and manuka honey - this formula provides hydration and nourishment for your face and body with all natural, organic ingredients. Working in tandem with its tallow base, this moisturizer works to smooth fine lines, even skin tone and soothe dry skin, eczema and other skin issues.

~ingredients list~
rose*, chamomile*, calendula* & marshmallow root* infused into 100% grass-fed tallow & cold-pressed olive oil*, beeswax* & manuka honey

*these ingredients are certified organic

this formula is infused with whole organic herbs. no essential oils.

🐝a hippie’s tips...honey hydrate comes in a 2 oz. glass jar. Only a small amount is needed to moisturize your face & neck. 

When you can’t get enough honey hydration, see our Honey Bundle, and if you’re shopping for hydration for him, this mixture is also included in our For Him Bundle!

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