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hair & beard oil

hair & beard oil

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Formulated only with hair-health in mind, this versatile product is perfect for both him & her! Just a few drops on your hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, scalp, beard and/or ‘stache will have all of your hair happy and healthy. When worked into the ends of long hair, this oil adds shine and gloss while taming flyaways and flattening frizz. And a bonus: no essential oils means this formula is safe for use on eyelashes and use for all ages!

~ingredients list~
rosemary, mint & vanilla bean 
infused into jojoba, olive & castor oils, & aloe vera

all of the ingredients in this formula are certified organic.

all oils in this formula have been infused with herbs. no essential oils.

🐝a hippie’s tips…this 1 oz. glass bottle will last you a while! Soak hair & scalp in oil for several hours on the night before your hair wash day for a deep hydrating oil treatment. If needed, use up to one full dropper for your beard & 'stache. This nourishing and versatile oil is also great for your skin and can be used as a face oil. 

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