essential oils vs. oil infusions

🌿 My goal with this post is to shed a little insight and awareness on the topic of essential oils and their use. I also want people to learn about the lesser known method and benefits of using herbal oil infusions, when essential oils are not indicated or tolerated.

🌿 At honeybee hippie I am aware of the concerns of essential oils and offer many products that that are essential oil free. I also use a much lower concentration of EO than them many products on the market, hence the milder smell with my products.

🌿 Only herbal oil infusions (no EO’s) are used in the pregnancy and baby formulations in order to extract the full spectrum and healing benefits of the herbs, while still being mild and gentle enough for delicate, immature skin.

🌿 I do, however still believe that essential oils have their place in health, wellness and medicine, as well a long history that goes all the way back to the Bible! I feel they need to be used with care and moderation. We tend to be a country that lacks moderation and therefore many things become “all or nothing”. I’m personally not a big fan of “all or nothing” for most normal things that God provides for us - herbs, meat, vegetables, fruit, sugar, caffeine, alcohol …. But that is another topic :)

Hope this was helpful! share your thoughts!
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So true. All or nothing getting us nowhere.

Dana Estes

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