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the for him bundle

the for him bundle

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featuring these formulas: honey hydrate | hair & beard oil | fresh tooth powder

Caring for one’s skin, hair, and teeth are not limited by gender, and neither are these all natural products! This bundle is perfect for the males in your life - help them elevate their skincare and hygiene routine with this specially formulated bundle for him!

~our for him bundle is perfect for~
🐝shaving, hair & beard care
🐝nourishing stressed skin and tired teeth
🐝elevating his general hygiene

honey hydrate is our all-over face and body moisturizer! Perfect for any dry areas, this whipped tallow butter can be used on the face and hands when his skin is feeling stressed.

honeybee hippie’s hair & beard oil speaks for itself! This formula has everything he needs to keep his scalp and facial hair silky smooth and deeply moisturized. This oil is also great if he’s looking for more volume, as its herbs and other ingredients nourish hair from root to tip, offering an overall more healthy base for regrowth.

Our fresh tooth powder is included in this bundle as a toothpaste alternative or enhancement. This treatment will remineralize teeth and detoxify the gums, freshening breath and increasing overall mouth health and feel. 

Don't let him get left behind on your natural skincare journey, include him instead with these herb enhanced tallow based formulas!

🐝a hippie’s tips…click each product on the list at the top of this product page for full-ingredient details! Each of these formulas is included on our website for separate purchase, but this bundle comes with a 10% discount! Each bundle comes in a branded cotton gift bag.

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[this list only includes the main ingredients in these products. please see each product individually for full ingredient details]

🐝Beef Tallow naturally contains vitamins A, D, E & K and is easily absorbed once applied due to its close match to our skin’s natural sebum. Vitamin-rich Tallow provides nutrients for our deep skin tissues not found in or added to chemically-created lotions. Rebuild your skin’s natural protective barrier, regenerating cells and removing environmental toxins that stress, dry and irritate skin.

🐝Rosemary is all the rave in hair, and gives you all of the added benefits without the added chemicals. This stimulating herb is proven to encourage the natural growth of thicker, more luxurious locks.

🐝Not only does it smell delicious, Vanilla Bean also encourages hair growth. This decadent additive supports overall scalp health by encouraging blood flow to your follicles.

🐝Mint will hydrate your scalp like none other! With incredible antimicrobial and antifungal properties, this herb works to balance your scalp, bringing it from dry or oily, to hydrated and refreshed. In our tooth powder, we rely on mint's incredible antimicrobial and antifungal properties that work to balance your mouth's natural bacteria and keep your breath smelling fresh!

🐝 Jojoba Oil is an almost perfect match to our skin’s natural sebum, making it the best base for this mixture to ensure maximum penetration and absorption into your scalp and hair.

🐝The high content of calcium carbonate in egg shells, along with a blend of other powerful minerals, makes them the best natural ingredient proven to restore dentin and enamel naturally

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